for solo flute (2021)

Duration: 2'30"

In April of 2020, I planted seeds! Planting seeds was a much-anticipated annual event throughout my childhood, a tradition that ended when I began higher education. After many years, when I was almost finished with grad school, the pandemic forced me to complete the semester at home, and I had the opportunity to plant spring-time seeds once again. As it had when I was younger, the tenacity of germinating seedlings inspired me with optimism even as the sprouts’ fragility awakened my maternal instincts (causing me to take great pains covering my little babies on chilly nights)! With Germinate, I hope to capture the beautiful duality of tenderness and perseverance I observe in my plants as well as the joy they brought me during the early weeks of the pandemic and throughout the long summer.

This work appears in 10 Nature Pieces for Solo Flute, a collection of flute miniatures compiled by Laura Lentz during the Covid-19 pandemic. 100 percent of proceeds are donated to the Earthjustice and Climate Solutions Accelerator organizations.
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